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    CADIZ WORLDS 2003 - US Selection process
    Posted On:  23/04/2003 13:42:35

    US Sailing has announced the selection process for the Cadiz Worlds 2003:
    1. Any berths that are awarded by ISAF or the International Class
    Association to specifically named sailors, such as former World Champions
    in the Star Class, are awarded to the respective named sailors.

    2. The first four berths that are granted to US Sailing are awarded to the
    top four ranked boats of the 2003 US Sailing Team (USST). If any of the top
    four ranked boats of the 2003 USST are either named in the paragraph above
    or subsequently decline entry to the 2003 World Championship, then those
    berths do not trickle down to the next ranked boat on the USST, but are
    awarded by the next paragraph.

    3. Any berths that are not awarded in the paragraphs above, will be awarded
    at the discretion of the Olympic Sailing Committee (OSC) of US Sailing with
    input from the OSC staff coaches and OSC class representatives based on
    past performance in the following categories; (These categories are not
    necessarily listed in any priority order)
    - World Championships 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999

    - US Olympic Trials for Sailing 2000

    - 2003 USST Rankings including 2003 Rolex Miami OCR and 2002-03 Pre

    - Other significant 2002 and 2003 results prior to 1 April 2003.

    - Historic class system for determining US entries to World

    4. The awarding of berths is subject to ISAF confirming the number of
    berths assigned to US Sailing.

    5. The awarded berths will be announced by the OSC on or before 14 April 2003.

    6. Any additional berths that may be awarded to US SAILING by ISAF or the
    International Class Association after the initial allocation, will be
    awarded based on paragraphs 1 and 3 above. - www.ussailing.org