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    Worlds measurement Day 2 - afternoon
    Posted On:  13/09/2003 16:34:54

    Worlds measurement Day 2 – afternoon. Measurement woes aleviated. Lavante breeze 28 to 36 knots.

            So the breeze continued to build, the measurement continued, lead was added to bring boards up to weight, people were being blown off there bicycles.But overall the second measurment day was well on it´s way. The huge French team, the vocal Italian team and the rather reseved Israeli Team were all at the measurement area at the same time.Causing a combined mess of boards, masts, sails, booms. It looked like a swap meet for one designers. Team leaders/coaches were moving sailors along to the first hurdle of the competition. Measuring is just that. Sails have to be within a certain size. Boards go through a number of tests to find the balance point, defining how much lead is needed to bring a board up to weight, if needed. And fins and centreboards are all stamped to enable the sailor to be fully registered and ready to compete.

            Tomorrow shows promise of another Lavante day. With powerful offshore winds.The practice race is scheduled to have a start at 12:00 pm, and then the real racing starts on Monday. See you tomorrow for more action from Cadiz


    Mahalo Belly and Aline