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    IMCO Worlds Race Day 3 - morning
    Posted On:  17/09/2003 10:03:00

    10 am report.
               The weather report is calling for more Levante winds today.
    Although a change in pressure is expected later in the day to a lighter more
    constant wind. Which may lead the medium breeze specialists to crawl back to
    the top.
               From our vantage point as the Media we are probably closer to the
    action than any body is legally allowed to be. Positioning the 10 meter,
    500horse power inflatable boat is enabling us to film so close, that at
    times spray from the boards is drenching all involved.
             Up on the top reach, the men's first race came screaming down upon
    us. Water like vapor trails, brightly colored sails and shrieking sailors,
    some of whom obviously reveled in the flat water and strong winds. Nico
    Beudou was hit so hard by a gust just in front of us. He more or less did an
    unintentional body drag, sending masses of spray into the air, and sending a
    message to the sailors around him to stay clear.
            Alessandra Sensinni, who uncharacteristically over layed the top
    mark and  not yet around the buoy , was performing similar acrobatic feats.
    With Track back and completely spinning out.The fin losing traction and
    board skittering sideways. Alessandra blasted through a couple of
    competitors, barely missing a potentially disastrous set of circumstances.
    Only due to her outstanding ability as both a windsurfer and an athlete, did
    she save any personal injury to her and others around.
    Incidents like this are all in a days windsurfing on the Mistral course.
    Whether it be the vocal sounds on the start line or the screams of
    exhilaration shooting down wind at high speed. It's all part of the full
    noise, action packed scenes that are Olympic windsurfing.
    Talk to all of you this afternoon

    check yesterdays result on www.cadizworlds2003.com