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    IMCO Worlds Race DAy 6 - press conference
    Posted On:  20/09/2003 15:10:00
    Pont gives victory speech
          Pont- still very reserved- gave a great summary of this weeks racing
    saying that this is the one of the greatest moments of his life. Hardly
    containing the smiles between himself and girlfriend Kaska. Thanking firstly
    his coach Pawel Kowolski, and a string of friends. Most of all he wanted to
    thank all of the competitors for their fair play during the championships.
          ¨I had some great duals with John Paul Tobin(NZL) and Joao
    Rodrigues(POR), and was very lucky to have the conditions suit my style of
    sailing¨.¨ I was also impressed to see the television reports showing the
    speed and power of all the sailors¨.Pont now takes a well earned rest
    tonight, waiting for the rest of the competitors to finish tomorrow.
           Pont is staying in Cadiz to take part in the test event, next week.
    Where new concept boards will be tested. I'm sure he will be pushing these
    new boards as well