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    Peter Wells selected for US Olympic Team!
    Posted On:  25/11/2003 09:01:33

    Peter Wells gives an excellent 'blow-by-blow'  account of the US Olympic trials, which Peter won to earn his spot on the United States Olympic Team for the Athens Olympiad. This is how the report concludes...

    Now the real work begins. The Olympic Trials was a huge step, but not the
    end. The mission is to win a medal in Athens. I will be going in under the
    radar and definitely not be expected to medal. That's perfect.

    The US Sailing people have shown me how little they believe in me. In a
    conference call yesterday I was told that for making the team I will
    receive a $2,000 grant to cover the entire time between now and the time I
    board the plane for the Games in August, that's it. That quickly brought me
    down from the high I was still on after winning the trials.

    Kids are told growing up at sailing clinics that if they want to go to the
    Olympics in sailing, they must do a lot of fundraising in order to win the
    trials. However once they make the Olympic Team everything gets easier and
    all the support comes. I guess that's not the case and it will be back to
    the dreaded fundraising. A bit of a bummer, but I will make it happen.

    If you are reading this you most likely helped me in some way or another.
    Thank you for making my dream come true! - Peter Wells, full report: