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    ISAF Official Rankings for Olympic Classes - Mistral Men
    Posted On:  04/06/2004 12:14:57

    Issue Date - 3 Jun 2004

    Julien Bontemps (FRA), who managed to cling onto second in Medemblik by a slim margin from ranking leader Max Oberemko (UKR), has popped up at Max' shoulder in second place in the rankings, whilst winner of the Dutch Grade 1 event, Joeri Van DYK (NED), who was previously a place ahead of Bontemps in the rankings, has simply moved up one place to seventh. Van DYK's result at SPA didn't quite have the desired effect: his win only counts as his fourth best points score over the last two years.

    For the full ranking list go to:  http://www.sailing.org/rankings/publishrankinglist.asp?rankdd=3&rankmm=6&rankyy=2004&clscode=M-MIS&clsdesc=Mistral+%2D+Windsurfer+Men

    Events included in this ranking release are available here: http://www.sailing.org/rankings/juneranking04/pr.asp