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    2003 Mistral Worlds - Allocation/Qualifcation systems
    Posted On:  23/04/2003 13:31:02

    Yesterday I posted the ISAF official system for ALLOCATING the maximum number of places on the world championship start line. This was approved by the ISAF Council in November 2002. The actual system by which a country selects atheletes to compete is in the hands of each national authority. Some of these may have an existing qualification sytem which is based on national competitions. Others may wish to select athletes based on their international results. This is why IMCO decided at their 2002 AGM to publish their own annual world championship qualification system for 2003 as normal.

    The 2003 worlds NoR, ISAF system and usual IMCO qualifcation system are all posted on the IMCO website at http://imco.org/currentevents.php

    The list of those qualified through the IMCO system will be regularly updated and posted on the website as usual. This is a service to MNAs which they are welcome to use or ignore according to their own wishes.