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    ISAF Windsurf Evaluation Trials
    Posted On:  21/07/2003 10:35:07

    In March 2003, ISAF invited submissions from sailboard manufacturers to offer a new and exciting step forward in the evolution of Olympic Windsurfing, welcoming any new design concepts put forward. In introducing the trials, ISAF wished to encourage all manufacturers to think outside the box, with the possibility that a new design could also lead to a new and improved format; that could include slalom and/or marathon racing (formats that require judges are excluded).

    However, it should be noted that current ISAF policy is that any new equipment recommended should be able to conform to a measurement rule, so that as many brands as possible can be involved in the Olympic process.

    A two stage approach has been adopted for the trials, with a preliminary presentation event in September 2003 in Cadiz, followed by the more formal Evaluation Event in Spring 2004.

    The final list of entries to the Cadiz Presentation Event are, as follows:

    Company - Product
    Exocet - Flying Fish
    Boards and More - One-Design
    Boards and More - Prodigy
    Neil Pryde - To be confirmed
    Austrian Board Project - BLIP
    Starboard - Olympic Prototype
    Bic Sport - 293
    Bic Sport - Formula

    Please note that participation in the Cadiz Presentation Event is not a pre-requirement to participating in the Evaluation Event in Spring 2004.

    The Invitation and initial criteria can be viewed at http://www.sailing.org/sc.asp?ID=Windsurfing_Evaluation_Events
    Dates (subject to confirmation) are from the 22 - 24 September.

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