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    ISAF approve emergency class rule change - effective 19th August 03
    Posted On:  19/08/2003 12:40:40

    Class Rules C.6.2 (a), C.6.3 and C.7.2 (c) have been amended

    C.6.2 Hull

    (a) Delete: "shimming material in fin box if used"

    C.6.3 Maintenance and Modifications

    d) amend to read: "The under surface of the hull ….."

    i) delete: "For boards built before January 2003 (Serial number 30201677)."

    C.7.2 (c)

    Delete present rule and insert:

    "c) The centreboard shall be fitted with a deck stopper installed so that it

    cannot extend more than 1420 mm from the Hull Datum Point (HDP). On

    centreboards supplied with the factory-fitted deck stopper the stopper shall

    not be removed or modified. Any adjustment required to the extension of the

    centreboard shall be achieved by bonding a hard shim to the top surface of

    the cassette at the contact point of the stopper. Centreboards not supplied

    with the factory fitted stopper shall have a deck stopper fixed in the head (not

    the horns), made of a material strong enough not to bend under racing

    conditions and shall be firmly fixed in place."

    © ISAF (UK) Ltd, Southampton, UK

    19th August 2003