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    2006 Mondello Special General Meeting
    Posted On:  23/05/2006 09:28:00

    During the 2006 Mondello Special General Meeting, very important decisions were taken which will definitely give a new orientation to the International Mistral Class Organisation.

    To dust free the constitution without losing the past organisation key points was not a very easy affair but this work has been achieved and will give IMCO more flexibility to meet windsurfers' wishes.

    The "One Design" practice will keep all its forms - from informal leisure activities to high level international competitions - through traditional and new equipment - but also with additional racing formats such as slalom or long distance.

    We reiterate our full support to the Mistral One Design which is still the leading 3 to 30 knots windsurfing equipment in the world, but we need not stay a passive spectator in front of the new hybrid concepts.

    Thanks to Boards & More - Mistral - for giving us again the insurance of their full support for this ever coming future but also for their ability to promote affordable high-tech equipment.

    I will personally give as much time as possible to this "One For All" new challenge and be as attentive as possible to members' expectations by keeping in mind that there is no sport without pleasure.

    Jean-Francois Reggio

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