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International Mistral Class Organisation
an ISAF "International" windsurfing class & founder member of the Att köpa viagra receptfritt symtomen kommer i 36-årsåldern med dålig matsmältning och nedsatt produktion. INTERNATIONAL WINDSURFING ASSOCIATION

A.   Principles
i.    Competitors shall be a member of a National IMCO, which is in good standing with IMCO International.
ii.    The target maximum number of competitors in a fleet is 90. Men and women shall race separately.
iii.   Continental Championships outside Europe shall be ‘Open Entry’ Regattas.
iii.   This shall be an ‘Open Entry’ Regatta for Divisions A (European men) & B (European women).
iv.    If a maximum fleet size is not reached, IMCO Int. reserves the right to increase the size of the maximum country quota(s) for a national team in that/those fleet(s) if requested to do so by that National IMCO.
v.    A "Wild Card" or a "Place by Right" is not a qualification place.
vi.    Entries at the European Championship are restricted to competitors in the following Categories….
 - Division A – Men: - 'Nationals' from that continent;
 - Division B – Women: - 'Nationals' from that continent;
- 'Overseas Competitors' may compete within these divisions only if they accompany their pre-registration form with a photocopy of a valid 'National Residency Visa' and/or 'Student Visa' with proof of 'Study' for a European Country. 
- It is the sole responsibility of the competitor concerned to ensure that the IMCO Executive Office receives these documents prior to the cut-off date specified in the relevant NoR.
- An 'Overseas Competitor' who has established division A or B status and races in the 2004 European Championship for a ‘restricted’ qualification place to the Worlds, is not eligible to compete for a ‘restricted place’ in any other continental championship prior to the 2004 World Championship.
- Division AC – Men: - Overseas 'Nationals';
- Division BC – Women: - Overseas 'Nationals';
- Competitors from outside a continental area may race in those Continental Championship Fleets but at the European Championship, Divisions AC & BC are limited to a maximum of 12 men / 8 women, whose scores will count towards the ‘Open’ Official Results only.
vii.    Each Mistral Continental Championship shall have an allocated number of World Championship Qualification Places of which the majority are ‘Restricted’ to residents of the continent concerned. A maximum of 3 men places may be won by competitors from outside the continent. 
viii.   Continental Championships outside Europe may make a weight group extraction from the official results.

B. World Championship Qualification Places Allocated To Each Continental Championship
South American   13 Men
North American   10 Men
Asian                   10 Men
Oceania               10 Men
European             25 Men
Total                    68 Men