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    My name is Anders Bringdal.

    For those of you who do not know me, I sailed as a professional windsurfer on the PWA tour from 1986 to 2000. I won the slalom world title and the course race title and reached third in the wave Discipline. Robby Naish, Bjorn Dunkerbeck, and I had many spectacular battles and the three of us were in the top ranking for over ten years. Since 2000 I have been doing some promotional events and focusing on growing my Brand AB+ boards while continuing as an active windsurfer, sailing as often I can.

    On July 1 2009, I became the new license holder of Mistral Boards. It is a new page for Mistral and a great honor for me to be taking the reigns of the prestigious brand. I see a lot of great things in the future of the brand as well as for me. The new Mistral Boards will be made in a factory in Vietnam from the best materials, and the quality is excellent. We will return to Mistral's best years, to a design that doesn't become dated from season to season but instead retains its value over a longer time horizon and gives buyers confidence that they are getting a fantastic board, a Mistral board.

    "Mistral One design has been one of the most successful one-design classes in recent history. Today the class remains strong and represents the best option for sailing in 0-30 knots with one board, one sail and one rig.”

    Best regards,

    Anders Bringdal