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    "Mistral One design has been one of the most successful one-design classes in recent history Today the class remains strong and represents the best option for sailing in 0-30 knots with one board, one sail and one rig."   Anders Bringdal.

    The length of the board makes for an excellent platform in light wind and the same length means that the board in planing conditions is not going to bounce out of control making it possible to sail in the higher winds with the same sail and rig.

    For sailors in the 45-80kg range the Mistral One Design represents the best option for anybody that likes tight racing with an excellent performance in all type of conditions and remains pretty much the only one-design class that will perform in 0-30 knots of wind.

    The board design by definition of its one-design status has not been changed. 3 concave in the nose running into a single V in the tail.

    The OD comes with a new sail and rig, the combination has been made very light so as to be easy to handle.


    The shape of the sail is a bit flatter in the entry for the light winds as well as when sailing in the higher winds, applying the correct downhaul will allow the leach to have the twist appear and make the sail user-friendly and fast.

    It has 2 roller cams and with a special coating on the mast the rotation is sensational.


    The boom is a one-piece aluminum boom. It has a wall diameter of 28mm so to be easy to hold without cramping up the forearms in any conditions.

    The mast is 460cm in length and 50/50% - carbon/glass.